Tuesday 20 January 2009

Coping With Laundry

Each week, we wash around ten loads of laundry. I'm so grateful that the washing machine is in working condition, as it didn't want to spin properly the other day, but the Machinist took it outside and whooped it into a good behaviour bond

I've tried several methods to prevent drowning in a sea of 'yesterday's heroes', as well as baskets of clean and folded piles all over the house

Currently, I'm in the throes of executing a new plan of action. Each family member already has an allocated dirty laundry bin, fitted in the laundry room, RATHER THAN a laundry basket in their bedrooms. Instead of attempting to do everyone's clothes washing on different days of the week, the Young Adults are now responsible to do their own, including their coloured towel(s) and bed linen on a specified day of the week.

Here's the deal: they are to get their laundry completely finished from dirty clothes to clean clothes, folded and in the drawers and cupboards that day. My job is to make sure this happens. Naturally, I have my own laundry day, and I do the Machinist's clothes, overalls, tea-towels, bathroom towels and any other miscellaneous items lying around (not the cats and dogs!).

I have a large yellow wheelie bin, situated just out of the laundryroom on the back deck. If I find anything that doesn't belong in the laundry on any specific day, it goes in the wheelie bin. This includes wet, dry, clean or dirty clothes that don't belong to the person who is using the laundry on that day.

Clear as mud?

At least we don't have to use this (for which I am truly grateful)

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Anonymous said...

Hehehe...I like the idea of the wheelie bin! Threaten 'em into submission! If you're like me however, they know that you won't *really* do it...will you? ;)


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