Saturday 24 January 2009


I love that name ~ Housewife. It evokes such a sense of belonging. I am the Machinist's Housewife. Although, having said that, I dabble a lot in various other things, too, like bookkeeping, advertising, design, and project managing.

I have always referred to any woman working at home, married, with or without children as a housewife. The world doesn't use the term 'housewife' anymore. It's not politically correct to do so, and some find it derogatory. The names 'home executives', 'housepersons', 'homekeepers' or 'domestic executives' are the preferred titles for women who stay at home and work.

The vacuum cleaner is my talisman. Cloths, brooms, pans, mops, buckets and DETTOL are my friends and when I have these items in my hands, my family know that I'm not merely taking the bus and going on the Summer Holiday that Cliff Richards sings about.

I am Mrs Moppit Mama.

I am ready to perform the White Lightening lickover.

I am the Retro Housewife.

Retro Housewife; A married woman who embraces the role of wife, mother and homemaker, rather than adhering to the current paradigm of women assuming roles that are traditionally male


The Journey said...

yes- tis nice. I love reading on your blog, it's like seeing your life. My youngest is not far from you in Japan. I miss him terribly.

Miss Melissa said...

Hello Helen, :)
Thanks for stopping by! Hoping all your family are well. You seem very busy, but blessed. Amen! ;)
Will keep in touch now that i have your blog. Dan and i are well, as well as our little Abby. :) Our precious little puppy. she is a darling. Hehe :)
Good Luck with all the plans, and the shop! Cant wait, will have to come visit. :)
Keep in touch eh?

emilyclare said...

Retro Housewife. I like that. It is a pleasure, as always, to read your thoughts and insights. There is nothing simple about being a housewife - as none of us should be confined to "single roles" (and in day to day life perform so many!) mothers and housewives certainly shouldn't!

The Vintage Kitten said...

I love being a housewife. Its a 'job' I am good at. Excellent post, I enjoyed reading it X

Jen said...

And don't forget the apron, my mantle of authority! Although I do love the term "homemaker" and prefer it to housewife - it has such a soft sound to it and encapsulates what my cleaning, cooking, organising, decorating etc is all about - making a Home.


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