Wednesday 28 January 2009

Endless Projects

On arriving home this evening with the Machinist, I lingered a little in the utility truck. Tall conifers on either side of me - the driveway completely hidden from the street. I looked around at the amount of projects on the go, that have to be completed within the next two months:

A ladies bicycle that we picked up at the tip, needing a new wheel and two new tyres. I can't wait to ride it!

A metal trunk which will be cleaned up and used as a prop for Metalsmithery

An old galvanised weed sprayer, with the name "Hudson" imprinted on the front. This will also be cleaned up and used as a prop for Metalsmithery.

Two wrought iron single bed headboards to be stripped and painted.

Four tressles used to support outdoor work benches when spray painting various items.

Gothic looking hinges and door supports for Metalsmithery's main door, made by the Machinist, awaiting spray painting.

An enormous hydraulic ram, which the Machinist intends to use on a piece of equipment he is going to make.

Long lengths of galvanised steel, awaiting manufacture.

A large trailer, quarter filled with garden refuse from the Shop grounds, awaiting weeds and home-garden refuse from the Head Gardener (me!)

A wheelbarrow loaded with bags of chicken poop, to be scattered and dug into the vegetable beds.

A large bag of pig poop, also to be scattered and dug into the vegetable beds.

Old wooden crates, to be chopped up into smaller pieces and used as firestarters for the Autumn months.

Various vintage metal implements, used as garden decor.

I'm sure there's more, but it will probably only come to mind as I trip over it, carrying coffee to the Machine Shop.

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Miss Melissa said...

Hi Helen, :)
Sounds like your going to be busy busy busy! Some of your projects sound exciting, fun, and some even smelly! haha. Would love to see pics of them when your done. :)


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