Monday 19 January 2009

Third Daughter

I have this print by John Brack on my wall at home:

John Brack was a Melbourne artist who in his work engaged with an urban reality, one which the great majority of Australians experience in their daily life.

In 1954, he began to explore the techniques of printmaking and created a series of four small, intimate images in drypoint, one of each of his daughters. Third daughter is a little gem in characterisation, where the stark frontality, the clenched fists and the scowling expression denote defiance.


emilyclare said...

I adore this. So completely (but this you know already :p)

Jen said...

LOL haven't we all seen our kids like this at one point or another?


 Table talk amongst our children is and always has been, -  a rabbit warren . We start off in one hole and end up in another -  quick smart....