Friday 30 January 2009

All in a (Random Day's) Work

Wake at 6.30am and torment myself with thoughts of sleeping a little longer. Refuse to listen to myself, get up.

Load the hungry washing machine, switch on the tumble dryer - full of the previous laundry user's clothing. In this case, Sam's clothing (and bed sheets and riding gear, including gloves). Make an Isowhey shake with 1/4 banana and skim soy milk (not my first choice, but I've adapted). Sip on shake - slowly. Take meat out of freezer for lunch.

Head to the shop for more painting with second daughter. Become a mosquito's banquet while standing on a ladder; tray of paint in one hand, brush in the other. (They know when you are vulnerable, the mosquitos do). Keep on enquiring of the time. Grandpa points to a huge clock on top of his kitchen pantry. I can just see it if I bend my knees and peer, squintingly through the kitchen window.

Almost time for morning tea.

Feel very chuffed after completing western and southern gutters and eaves FOR THE THIRD TIME. Even before morning tea ...

Go home for morning tea.

Actually, morning espresso coffee. With almond nuts and a pear.

Dragged by the Machinist into the Machine Shop office to send a quote, record an invoice and relieve business creditors by performing internet banking direct deposits. (IBDD's), as well as writing cheques.

Lunch; meatballs with oregano and five spices, cinnamon, onion and tomato sauce with garden salad.

Check emails after lunch and fall asleep at the computer. Several times. Wake up with a massive whiplash. Go for a nap under the mosquito net in bedroom. Doze off. Woken by second daughter, Sarah, after ten minutes of deep sleep, as she opens the bedroom door to drop off her dad's boots.

Return to the office to finish bookwork and print off reports from MYOB.

Head to the Shop to complete painting the gutters and eaves on the Eastern wall. West, South, East?


Go back home. Peg out (more) washing. Jump into the pool - fully dressed. Frolick in the pool with the Machinist (even learn a new trick; - how to conquer the 'Big Daddy' floating bed).

Coffee with the Machinist.

Head off to mow the lawns at the Shop and Grand's Cottage garden with the Machinist. Take over the Machinist's new toy; a ride on mower. Create many dust storms on said ride on mower (due to making 'doughnuts' and tracks on dry, loose soil with mower). Feel very chuffed and rebellious about making dust storms.

Due to the darkness of the sky (8.45pm), load the push mower and whipper snipper onto the ute. Ride in convoy home. The Machinist on the mower, me in the ute behind him.

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