Wednesday 14 January 2009

Floating with the Puppy

The Machinist loves the pool more than any other family member. The pool takes a lot of attention to keep clean and to maintain the right chemical balance, but the Machinist is prepared to put the time in to keep it "just so". If he is extremely busy in the workshop, he'll be sure to delegate somebody else to get the leaves / pine needles and other fly-by-night-end-up-in-the-pool critters out of the pool. In turn, we've bought him pool accessories like a hammock, as well as various floaties, pool games and toys.

I was lounging on one of the Machinist's floaties the other day - his "Big Daddy" floatie. It's not often that I go in the pool, but a girl has to keep cool, especially one with English blood flowing through her veins. The Puppies, and the Kitties, took their turn in climbing up the steps onto the pool deck to see what was going on, as it wasn't a common occurence for their mistress to be in the pool. They did their checking, saw that all was well, and retired to the cool of the shade.

Absorbing the heat from the pentrating rays on my arms and legs, it wasn't long before my eyes began to droop. Lying flat on my back, all I could see was blue sky with cirrus clouds, framed by an assortment of trees: the willow, the pine tree, the apple trees, the plum... My lids were closing fast now. I couldn't lift them! I could hear the sound of buzzing insects. Probably Christmas-beetle laggers. As long as they weren't close-by buzzing insects, I wasn't worried. Now and again, the bang of a hammer on steel, echoing from the workshop.


Then, the familiar sound of a Puppy snorting. Polly was on the pool deck, crooning to get to me. I swear, if my body had a hatch door and could open, that particular puppy would jump straight in. I grabbed her collar and pulled her on to my belly. For a few minutes, she was unsettled, as the floatie was swaying. Then she started to relax and I dipped my hand into the water, and stroked her head and face.

It was tempting to drift some more, with the Puppy on my belly, but you know - duty is always calling...

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