Friday 2 January 2009


Still loved and missed: Woopie Chookie Lucky Puppy Miss Piggy Wiggy
October 1996 to November 2004

I hate cruelty of any kind to animals of any kind.

I have no problem with killing animals humanely for food, or because they can become a menace to farmers, or threaten the well-being of mankind (there has been many a debate in our Capital city, as the kangaroos are using up and contaminating our dwindling water supplies, as the drought continues).

I can raise chickens for eggs, but I cannot kill them myself. If I were tohave to raise them for meat, I would eat them, but I'd still have to get somebody else to kill them. Having said that, I KNOW I would be able to slaughter them if I HAD to, but I don't have to right now, so I choose not to.

A friend of mine raises joeys that are orphaned. She carries them around, as she does her housework, or hangs them in hand made 'sacks' on the door handles around her home. I couldn't or wouldn't go that far.

I love my dogs and cats, but they sleep outside. I couldn't or wouldn't be cruel to them. I can't bear the thought of cage-raised chickens. I prefer free range. But.... in times of need, I would eat them. I don'thave to right now, so I don't.
As for tube raised chickens ~ I don't think I would eat them. I don't like mankind messing around with conception or test tubes. It perterbs me. You wouldn't know what you'd get in that 'chicken'. Maybe even some human DNA!

We often talk about the birds in our garden. Sam used his catapult to scare them away. I followed suit - until I developed a tennis elbow. Cockatoos are a menace to farmers as they eat their crops. (They eat our fruit crops, as well!) Too many of them, and the whole season's crop is gone!
Wombats dig huge holes in the land, and destroy good pasture. Foxes kill chickens, ducks and new born lambs. The farmers in our area plant bait to kill the foxes.
I've taught the children that it is ok to kill for food, or if they are ever bothered by animals that threaten their livlihood, but woe betide any of them if they kill for fun or sport!

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